Professional CV Writing Services

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“Your Success is Our Business”

“Our Powerful CV and Cover Letter Package Will Get You a Job Interview Within 30 Days of Sending it Out….Guaranteed….Or I’ll Personally Rewrite it Until it Does!”

I have seen a software based programme for producing CVs. Why not use this?

Today there are more software tools for automating and labour-saving processes in the marketplace than there are computers - and that's a lot! They are almost all of value to somebody, and CV or Resume Writing software is no exception. If you have the expertise and objectivity to write your own CV (but see the answer to all 3 earlier questions also), then such software can make the job easier. They will give you a choice of formats or layouts (do you know whether to use a Chronological or Functional format, and in what circumstances), and will inject pre-formatted and pre-written blocks of text describing generic jobs or tasks etc etc.

At a price.

However, what none of these packages can do is take your personal qualities, experience and circumstances into account. They will not - cannot - be objective with regard to the preferences and aspirations of the Client or the target employer. They will not have industry-specific terminology built into spell checkers, and cannot give advice on which skill-set to highlight, which weakness to minimise or eliminate (and these can be particularly problematic or subjective, dependent on the position applied for ), nor can they help you get around periods of unemployment or similar "blanks".

For these you need human intervention - the services of a Professional.