About Us


Professional CV Writing Services (PCVWS) incorporates industry leaders Top Pro CVs and Affordable CV. These sites have offered Professional CVs at opposite ends of the career/professional spectrum for years.

This new site has been designed to incorporate both those levels, and to introduce a Career Change and an Executive product into the ‘mix’. In so doing, we are able to give clients greater choice in terms of the type of CV they can obtain from us, and a much wider price range. In all cases, our CVs are still “affordable” – very competitively priced. We believe in giving real value for money, while using extensive sector knowledge and expertise to deliver an outstanding product that will get our clients interviews.

PCVWS provides cutting-edge CV writing services for all levels of experience and expertise, from recent graduates, shop floor workers and apprentices to “C-Suite” professionals and company directors. We are fortunate in having a highly experienced and established Professional CV Writer at the head of the organisation.

Steve Thompson is an acknowledged expert in the career and job search sectors, and has published a number of books on Amazon in his ‘Success Made Simple’ series, including ‘Interview Success Made Simple‘ and ‘Résumé Writing Success Made Simple‘. You can subscribe to his blog and podcasts, and get early notification of new books here.

Our Process

Select your CV level - there are 4 to choose from

If you’re unsure which to choose, give us a call or send us an email. Steve will call or email you back personally to discuss what you need.

Place your Order.

To place an order, click on the “Order Now” button at the top right of the page, which will take you to our Store Page. Once you have selected the CV you want you will be taken to our secure Roman Cart server to make payment. You can use PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer. These are free of charges to you.

Complete our Unique Career Development Questionnaire.

It is sent to you immediately your order completes, together with your Roman Cart Invoice. Send in a copy of any previous CV with it too. That way we can check chronology etc without having to bother you.

Your CV draft will be completed within agreed timescales.

Steve will contact you directly to discuss any additional details we may need. You can also speak to him if you would like to clarify anything.

Once you have the draft you can request any changes you would like, and if necessary an in-depth discussion can be had. In the case of the Executive and Professional Package, a one hour telephone discussion with Steve is included. More time can be allocated if needed.

Whichever package you select, we don’t sign off on the CV until and unless you are 100% satisfied with it. Once we receive your approval, the package is completed and despatched to you by email.

Should you require printed and/or bound copies, these can be produced for you at a nominal charge to cover time, materials and postage.

Professional CVs and Cover Letters for Every Job Description

Whether you are CEO of a global manufacturing organisation or a shop assistant at the local greengrocer’s shop, you will need a CV when you decide (or are forced, by redundancy for example) to change jobs. We have written CVs for every combination of experience and responsibility between those two extremes.

Among our previous clients are the cameraman from Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones movies, who lists his referees as the late Lord Richard Attenborough, Sir Michael Caine and Sir Sean Connery (yes, really - we have signed copies of them on file!), and a Senior Executive from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. They trusted our expertise, integrity, commercial acumen and specialist knowledge to write the high-level CVs that got them their next job.

Every CV should be supported by a professionally-constructed Cover Letter, tailored for the specific vacancy you are applying for. You should never send your CV out without one. It’s pointless having a Professional CV written if nobody reads it. This crucial sales document ensures your CV actually gets opened and read.

We Ensure You Win….

Our CV “Sells” You…

It’s no longer enough to just list your tasks and responsibilities. Everybody does that, so all the other CVs look the same. Our CV actually sells YOU to the employer as the ”hot, desirable, shiny new product” that’s going to solve their problems. You’ll stand out head and shoulders above your competition.

Our CV Speaks Their Language…

Not only do we know the employers’ business, we know how you can help them, and we understand their jargon. So our CV speaks their language. It will tell them what they want to hear; how YOU will improve what they’re doing. We also know exactly what to include and, more importantly, what to leave out.

Your CV Will Blow Them Away!

The key to getting the interview is telling your story in a way that instantly gels with what they are looking for. Your CV will fit a round peg (you) into their round hole, neatly plugging you in to their organisation. Your skill sets and accomplishments will answer their ‘key frustrations’ - what they’re actually asking for in the vacancy ad. Simple. But so few people do that….