What We Do

Powerful CVs that Get Interviews Fast

Our CV doesn’t just offer you as a potential candidate for a position. It proactively sells you as the perfect solution to the employer’s needs. We don’t like to sell ourselves in the UK, so we’re pretty bad at it. But our CV doesn’t care; it has no shame! It will compel the employer to interview you!

Incredible Cover Letters that Win Through

The CV is only half the story when it comes to the battle for the employer’s mind. Unless the target has a reason to open and read your CV, you may as well not send it. We prepare a powerful and persuasive Cover Letter that ensures your CV gets opened and read. It puts you streets ahead of the competition, and makes the target reader WANT to know more about you.

Persuasive LinkedIn Profiles that Get You Noticed

LinkedIn is widely regarded as “Facebook for Business”. Nothing could be further from the truth. LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for business professionals, and needs to be treated with respect. You can’t get away with a bland, boring ‘shop window’ approach, or inane commentary about your last night out. Your Profile needs to be selling and promoting you - HARD! Your next position could come from here if you get it right. Get it wrong and it’s commercial suicide.

Career Change Consultancy that Works

Want to get your Career out of the ditch and into the Fast Lane? If you want to really move up a gear, or transition from one industry to another seamlessly without dropping back to the shop floor, then you need to focus on your transferable skills, attributes and experience. The problem is that most people just can’t do this objectively. Book a telephone consultancy call with Steve to find out how we can help you. The first 30 minutes is FREE, and we’ll find out whether we’re a ‘fit’ for your exciting future…..

An Outstanding Track Record of Success

Since 1997 we've been crafting interview winning CV's across just about every business and commercial sector in the UK. Our client list reflects this diversity, and we've helped thousands of individuals get into the job of their choice quickly.

Since 2010 we've helped more than 500 Armed Forces leavers alone. This is a really tough sector, and a difficult transition, but they've all successfully moved into civilian employment with our help. If we can help them, your circumstances are a cinch….

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Interview Guarantee!

Our Guarantee is very simple and straightforward. It is in 2 parts:  

  • You will be 100% satisfied with your CV, or I’ll rewrite it until you are.
  • In the highly-unlikely event you do not get an interview within 60 days of sending out your CV - provided it is sent with our customised Cover Letter - we’ll rewrite it at no further cost to you. And we’ll continue to do so if necessary UNTIL you get an interview. We don’t consider our job done until then.
  Full Terms and Conditions are available

Best CV Writing Services

No Automated CV Writing Software

Every CV is written personally for our Clients. We don’t use automated software, or ‘one size fits all’ templates. Every Client is an individual, with individual skills, strengths and attributes. Our CV reflects that.

We Don't Use Sub-Contracted Writers or ‘CV Consultants’

Every CV we produce is written by a specialist writer, hand-picked and trained by Steve Thompson. The Executive and Professional packages are written by Steve personally, and every CV that leaves our premises is signed off by him personally. In Steve’s words “It’s the only way to guarantee consistent quality, and my personal reputation depends on it.

Your CV is Written Personally for You by an Expert!

Although the Executive and Professional packages are guaranteed to be written by Steve personally, he also writes the Entry-Level and Career Change CVs whenever he has the time. This ensures that every document we produce meet his exacting standards.

More Than 18 Years’ Experience - Writing Successful CVs Since 1997!

The business was started in 1997 when Steve was persuaded to write CVs commercially by people he had helped previously. Steve has been made redundant twice - the first time from the British Army (so much for "jobs for life") - so he knows how important your CV is to your career, your income and your lifestyle. Steve takes your future very seriously indeed.

Start Your New Career Today

Nothing is worse than being made redundant or having to change employers at short notice. The situation becomes more difficult if we are actually out of work for any length of time. Statistics tell us that most jobseekers take between 120 and 180 days to find a new position (See our "Wealth Warning” page for more details). That's a long time if you don’t have a regular income.

We have always recommended that the best time to get a new CV written is when you are in established employment. Most people don't do anything until their employment status is at risk.

Do yourself a favour. Get your interview winning CV from us today!