Professional “Top Pro” CV and Cover Letter

  • A Powerful CV that Gets Interviews Fast

    The Top Pro CV doesn’t just offer you as a potential candidate for a position. It proactively sells you as the perfect senior management ‘prime mover’ solution to the employer’s needs. We don’t like to sell ourselves in the UK, so we’re pretty bad at it. But your Top Pro CV doesn’t care; it has no shame! It will compel the employer to interview you!

    We match your key management and leadership skills to what the employer is looking for, so he or she sees YOU as the stand out candidate. We separate you from the competition - you’re the ‘fit’ they need. This is absolutely crucial for key senior leaders, company directors, managers and decision makers; roles where the competition is fierce and well qualified.

  • An Incredible Cover Letter that Wins Through

    The CV is only half the story when it comes to the battle for the employer’s mind. Unless the target has a reason to open and read your CV, you may as well not send it. Your powerful and persuasive Cover Letter will ensure your CV gets opened and read. It puts you streets ahead of the competition, and makes the decision maker reading it WANT to know more about you.

    At this level, the quality and precisely targeted relevance of your Cover Letter really can make the difference between success and failure. How many opportunities can you afford to miss?

  • Everything Counts….Language, Grammar, Positioning….

    Use poor grammar, imprecise or weak language, incorrect or inaccurate prose and you’re sunk. Spell words wrongly (or use American spelling) and you’re history. Everything counts. Your layout needs to be clear and use every inch of available real estate on the face of the CV to sell you - HARD - in positive, vibrant, language that connects with the reader’s key frustrations!

    While you may be able to successfully navigate through many of the obstacles mentioned, you still need to understand how to position yourself and your CV. How many times have you done this?

    Most people write a CV between 1 and 3 times over their entire working lifetime. They don’t have enough practice, experience or expertise to do it effectively. We do. We write CVs and Cover Letters every day of the week, and they work. They get interviews, because we know the marketplace and the ‘insider secrets’.

    Writing an effective CV is both art and science. Do you excel at both? Vital at this level…

  • It’s Not Just About What Goes On To Your CV….

    ….it’s also about what to leave out or take off, and how to present the information. The employer is not interested in what you were “responsible for" previously. In fact, weak ‘follower’ language like this is guaranteed to get your CV thrown into the bin. For key leaders, experienced managers and company directors, or the ‘upwardly mobile’ aspiring to such positions, this type of ‘job description’ prose can be commercial suicide.

    The reader wants to know how you will drive their business forward; how you will save them money, make them money, increase sales and margins, increase market penetration and visibility, reduce costs, reduce staff attrition, improve customer and stakeholder engagement, speed up or streamline processes….

    Get it? It’s not about YOU. It’s all about THEM and what you can bring to the table to transform their business. Everything else - as the saying goes - is ‘just commentary’. Commentary doesn’t sell.

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