“Thank you Steve for great help with my CV. I have 2 years out with my child and I was worried this would stop me employment. I have job now, and happy!”

Giedre (London)

“Hi Steve, Just wanted to send you an email to thank you for your excellent service you have provided me.  The CV was written to such a high standard that after sending my CV in literally one day I have had 7 phone calls of which 4 of them interviews have already been arranged. You managed to get my CV and cover letter to me at very fast time and to such an excellent level of writing I will 100 percent recommend your services to family and friends and will look forward to doing further business with you.”

Vishal (Leeds)

“I read through the cv that you have produced and it covers everything in detail. Thank you very much for your excellent service i am really pleased with the finished product.  Many thanks.”

Colin (Huddersfield)

“Im really, truly impressed. Thank you so much for my CV and Cover Letter! Talk about value for money. This is what Im looking for when I pay for services because I know I do the same in the other way round. I dont think I can thank you enough! I will definitely spread the news. This whole job hunting project is a great learning experience for me. I wish I had asked you at the very beginning of my project. I now know what to do if a friend of mine is looking for a job. I will direct them to your webpage first and tell them to start there because half of the game is won by a brilliant CV and you know how to provide that! I did find the service easy to use and I was convinced at the beginning that my money was going to be well spent on this service. Thanks you so much!”

Elise (London, originally from Romania).

“Hello Steve. I have just purchased your CV writing service, and would like to remind of myself. You have produced a great CV for me a few years ago, which landed me my first professional office job in local recruitment agency.  Thank you very much for that! Today I am going to ask for your help again “

Marian B (Uxbridge).

“Steve has enabled me to move forward professionally, he provided an excellent service, took the time to be supportive, honest and has expert knowledge of the job seekers market. I have found that within days of using my new CV that work is coming in hourly! I would highly recommend Steve as a CV writer to anyone who is looking for a fresh, professional way to present themselves in a competitive job market, if you want results then its a good investment in your career.”

Prudence G (Luton)

“Sorry Steve, I didn’t mean to disturb you on your weekend. I was not expecting you to reply until Monday. This only shows how committed you are in what you do. I am really happy with your service and will recommend it to my friends. Thank you very much for resending the attachments. Also thank you for letting me have a copy of your e book. I feel privileged. I will be in touch to let you know on my success, hopefully soon!!! Best wishes.”

A Smith (Bedford)

“Stephen is a remarkable expert in creative CV writing, his skills and knowledge are so evident in the products he creates. Stephen offers an excellent service and embeds a culture of genuine individual support and advice, very timely and encouraging. I would gladly recommend Stephen and the services he offers to anyone and add that Stephen has provided more than a supportive, professional service to me – he is a mentor, motivator and a reliable colleague.”

Kerry W (Hull)

“That’s quality Steve, thankyou. Will definitely be recommending you to others. Again, great service. Thanks for all your rapid assistance.”

Chris A (Nottingham)

“You are incredible. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into not only creating an amazing CV but also arming me with all the resources I need to secure my dream Job.

More than anything else I love the fact that you are passionate about what you do and actively encouraging me to take my career to the next level. It’s really like having an experienced mentor walking with you through the whole process.

This is the complete package for anyone serious about taking their career to the next level. Thank you for such a remarkable CV!”

Nikki G (London)

“Stephen offered and delivered hope when the chips were down. He comes highly recommended, in all aspects of the role. Stephen deserves huge success in the service that he provides. He is straight, to the point and honest, he delivered great ideas of a difference which made me stand out in the crowd. Forever grateful for the help and service provided at speed.”

Christina D (Oxford)

“Stephen provided me with the confidence, excellent service and knowledge that I needed to help me make the daunting step into civilian life. I have been offered work as a contractor in the private sector with one interview lasting less than ten minutes!”

Phil L (Ex-Military)

“I would highly recommend Steve as a CV writer to anyone who is looking for a fresh, professional way to present themselves in a competitive job market, if you want results then its a good investment in your career.”

Prudence G (Luton)

“Stephen is one of those rare individuals who go above and beyond what is required of them to get the job done for you. The service and results I received were second to none. I would recommend Stephen and Top Pro CVs very highly to anyone.”

Jean I (Edinburgh)

“Hello Stephen. Two words for you: ‘Great Job’ and thank you for the revised CV. I just got myself a new job! Lots of success for you!”

Andre M (Germany)

UK Armed Forces Leavers (British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Marines, Royal Air Force) – some names and details removed or changed for security purposes:


We lead with a testimonial from an Ex-SNCO Intelligence Specialist:


“After nearly 25 years in the Military, I have attended various resettlement courses; one of which claimed to help Personnel compile a CV. Word to the wise….They DO NOT! They provide you with a piece of A4 paper with some questionable sub-titles then ask YOU what you want to write. Stephen provided me with the confidence, excellent service and knowledge that I needed to help me make the daunting step into civilian life.  This is a genuine testimony and if you are due to leave the Forces in the future I would urge you to use this Service. He understands “Forces speak” and translates in an articulate manner in a way that Civilian employers will understand. I have been offered work as a contractor in the private sector with one interview lasting less than ten minutes! Straight down the line with no bluff or flannel; Stephen has walked the walk and understands. This is a no brainer for Ex Forces.”




Here’s a recommendation from an infantry soldier who was unemployed after completing 22 years colour service. He kindly recently sent in this note:


“Hi [name available] here. I had a cv done by you. Just to give you an update since getting my military to civvi cv. From putting it in the system I have had three interviews, 2 with security firms here in scotland and one with [company name hidden] Airlines in Qatar, the latter still in interview stage. Am currently working security with [company name hidden] Oil Company as a security officer and I believe none of this would have been possible if not for my outstanding cv so just want to say thanks and keep up the good work”.


I was personally quite chuffed to receive that, as he had been pretty hacked off and depressed when he approached me.




Here’s another, of which we’re particularly proud, from Liam, an ex-infantry Corporal who has also been looking for work since leaving last year:


“Firstly let me thank you for the first draft of my CV, which I must say is nothing short of incredible. I am more than happy for this to be my final draft, unless you can think of anything else to add. On a personal note, I have thought about applying to the local factory, working on a construction line. This is due to a lack of confidence in my own ability, that I am sure every soldier goes through at a time like this. After reading your draft it has made me realise I can achieve a lot more with my experience.  So I would just like to thank you for a well needed confidence boost or as we both know it as (a kick up the arse).  Many thanks once again.”




A Gurkha WO2 on the point of departure, has just sent me this excellent feedback:


“Hi Steve – thank you so much. I have absolutely no regret on approaching you for my CV, regardless of whether or not I will get the job.  I was completely unsure about how to build my CV, and I personally think that this is the case with most of the service leavers. You have produced my CV in such a way that I had never thought it would read like this, even though I have got these skills and qualifications. Once again, thank you so much and I will definitely recommend your service to my colleagues whenever possible. Take care.”




Let’s not forget the Air Force! An RAF Aircrew Checking Officer (ACO) about to make the transition to management consultancy, had this to say after receiving his CV:


“My only hesitancy before using the service was that it was so inexpensive. Other companies charge 2 to 3 times more and I was concerned about quality based on the “you get what you pay for” adage.


[Having now used it] I think the service is excellent and definitely worthwhile. I have, and will continue to recommend it to friends and colleagues. Thanks!”


He went on to successfully transition to a Consultancy position with McKinseys – the biggest management consultancy on the planet!




Here’s a good plug from Duncan, an Army Corporal HR Specialist (AGC-SPS) who at the time of ordering his Armed Forces CV  was in the process of leaving. He got the first job he applied for with my CV:


“Stephen is an experienced expert in what he does, he translated my Military experience into a civilian CV. I was short-listed at my first application. Thanks for the prompt delivery and continuous advice. Top class service. I highly recommend Stephen, excellent value for money.”




This brief but strong testimonial was received from a Weapons System Expert, a Lieutenant Commander about to leave the Royal Navy:


“Many thanks for your excellent service. Now convinced and very content with your product and output!”




A senior Royal Air Force officer, now firmly established in a lucrative civilian position (thanks to my Armed Forces CV), very kindly gave us this feedback during the process:


“I have reviewed your first draft and have tinkered a little, but in essence you have captured and rewritten everything extremely well. It even sounds like me!”




How about this testimonial that has just come in from a Royal Marines WO2 who has been “out” for a few years. He’s now working in Maritime Security (MarSec):


“Stephen provided me with a first rate service to update and enhance my CV. He provides a bespoke service and his in-depth knowledge of Armed Forces personnel results in an excellent CV, professionally tailored for the civilian market. Highly recommended.”




A female Staff Sergeant from the Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police had this to say:


“Had tried to do my CV via the Career Transition Workshop but hadn’t been getting past the first filter. It was suggested to use the Armed Forces CV advertised in Soldier Mag. This is the first site I had used, as it was aimed at the Services. I cannot fault the service I have received, and the CV is very different to my attempt. It definitely does ‘smack you in the face’ and make you want to read on.”




Here’s one from an Infantry Sergeant who has just left the Army to take up a position as a Close Protection Chauffeur:


“My CV was developed to a very high standard which got me an Interview and I’m now moving on to the next stage. Overall an excellent service, and highly recommended.”



Paul M, Liverpool


Here’s a super comment from a young lady (SSgt, Intelligence Corps) about to move on:


“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the professional and high quality service you have provided for me. Who knows what I would have ended up with had I tried writing it myself. For soldiers leaving the Army it can be a very daunting process so having access to someone who can make the transition a little smoother is invaluable. I will definitely recommend your service to friends and colleagues. Your prices are in line with other companies on the market although all the extras you provide are a real incentive.”




This testimonial is from another RAF officer, a Navigator Instructor, who sent me this email after I produced his Cover Letter (which got him the interview):


“Steve – Excellent as ever. Thankyou. I am very pleased to continue refering your website and services to friends and colleagues.”


He’s come back to me twice more over the last 3 years for rewrites, and each time he’s been given the interview and offered the job. We must be doing something right….




And another from from one of a growing cohort of British Army Warrant Officers:


“Much more than I anticipated, just speaking to Steve gave me the extra confidence to go for the job. As for my CV; excellent. I would recommend any serviceperson to use this service, we do not realise what skill sets we have until they are put into civilian commercial language.” Vic H, Infantry Warrant Officer.




Here’s a great plug from a Royal Navy WO2 just about to leave:


“I am totally satisfied with the service that Steve of Top Pro Cvs (Armed Forces CVs) provided me with while I was resettling from the Royal Navy after almost 26 years service.  He took the time to call me personally to discuss my requirements and to clarify the finer details of my military career. Soon after our conversation, he provided me with a first class generic CV which put into ‘civilian language’ all the skills that I had developed during my naval career. As a result, I was offered a number of interviews and have successfully received a firm job offer. I would wholeheartedly recommend Top Pro CVs to any member of the Armed Forces who is struggling to put their military experience into language that prospective employers will understand.”





How about this from another former Infantry WO2, who has been operating in the civilian Close Protection (CP) market for a few years, and at the time of writing was providing Asset Recovery Services and Close Protection in Hungary:


“In a nut shell my previous CV was not getting me anywhere fast. I was introduced to Stephen via The List UK, the Services business network.


Stephen has opened my eyes to the highly important subject of how to translate my Military & civilian experiences, skills and abilities from Military speak into civilian language, his ex military background previous experience & style immediately put me at ease and very quickly gave me confidence and a feeling of trust.


I was therefore willing to impart private and confidential information to him in the form of my current CV.


Stephen very quickly got to work having received all the information he required to get going in less than one week my new very informative and professionally presented CV along with the very important covering letter was ready for me to present to a new recruiter whom I had been in contact with previously.


Throughout the whole process Stephen maintained first class communications and provided advice when it was sought.


This is one service I would have no hesitation in recommending to others, in fact I have already informed a number of ex military friends & colleagues about Stephen and his company. I am sure they will make contact with him very soon.


Total value for money a first class service, with the added advantage of being able to make follow up enquiries to seek advice from Stephen in the future, as your career or circumstances may change.”


Jock went on to get the first position he applied for. We later wrote him a CV for an Estate Manager’s job in France. He got that too….